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Cool Customer! Hot Sunday!





On Sunday we were going to go to the dog wash.

That’s after we went for our walk in Davis.


Because we did one of my most favorite things.

We went for a walk at the UC Davis Arboretum.

At first it was nice in Shield’s Grove.


Here is how it looks in summer.

And it is much cooler than everywhere else.



























































Except everywhere else it was so hot.

We didn’t even go to see our horse and donkey friends.



Instead we walked around campus.

Because most of the students are gone.

And it is nice and quiet.



But  we got very hot.

So on the way back we walked on the grassy parts of campus.

Because there is lots of nice thick wet grass there.

And lots and lots of big shady trees.



And one place that is all grassy and shady is called the Quad.

So we went there.



And when we got to the Quad they had lots of sprinklers going.

They were big sprinklers.

Going  high up and far away.




My Best Friend loves to play with water in hoses and sprinklers.

So he played and played and played with those  sprinklers in the Quad.



He  had so much fun.

He got very wet.

And nice and cool.

And I think he had to go to the bathroom a lot when we got home.

Because he drank a lot of water.



Because we made a slide show.

It’s my Best Friend playing in the sprinkler.



And here it is.





This slideshow requires JavaScript.





I wish I knew how to play that game.

I tried a little bit.

But I don’t know how to do it.



And we didn’t go to the dogwash.

Because my Best Friend was already all wet.

And he was a little bit clean too.



So when we got home I had to go in the wading pool instead of the dog wash.

So that way I could get all wet and cool.

And a little bit clean too.



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