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Sammy’s Gone to the Races.






We wanted to go to the Tour de France.

Except people speak French there.

Like at my Quatorze Juillet party.



I don’t know about France.

But it’s not in California.

And my Best Friend said it’s not in Montana too.

Because he was born in Montana.

And he said he didn’t think France was there when he was born.



Except my Kind Friend knows where it is.

Because she likes France very much.

And one time she even lived there.



She wanted Lance Armstrong to win the Tour de France.

But he didn’t win.

Maybecause he fell off his bike too many times.



 ButI thought if you want to go in a bike race.

You can’t fall off your bike too many times.

I thought it’s not allowed to fall off your bike and be in a bike race.



But even if we couldn’t go to France to see the Tour de France.

We did go and see another Tour.

And Lance Armstrong was in that Tour.

Except he didn’t win that one too.

Maybe because he fell off his bike in that one again.

But not so many times as he fell off in the France race.



The Tour that we saw is called the Tour of California.

So that was in California.

Where I live.

It was called the AmGen Tour of California.



And one day it came right down the road near where I live.

Right by Trader Joe’s.

Because the riders rode their bikes from Nevada City to Sacramento.



And here is what we saw that day.



First everybody was waiting by the road for the cyclists to come.
















We waited and waited.

Even another dog across the street was waiting too.

Then a policeman came by on a motorbike.

So we thought the cyclists were coming.
















Then the AmGen van came.

Because it’s called the AmGen Tour of California.


















And some more motor bike policemen.
















It was hot waiting out there.

And my Best Friend was trying to stay in the shade. 
















Here are some people who were helping with the race.

And they told us the cyclists are coming very soon.

So we waited and waited.

And waited some more.

Because it’s good for me.

It’s called socialisation.

It’s because before I was rescued I was a fearful dog.

And this is how I get to be not so afraid any more.

By going a lot of places.

And doing a lot of different things.


















But I don’t think they could make the race came faster too.

Here is me.

Except I dont’ think I was afraid of anything there.

 I was just getting a bit fed up and bored of waiting all the time.

Except my Kind Friend says getting bored and fed up is socialisation too.

And you have to learn it.

So I was learning it waiting for the bike race to get there.
















These people wanted the race to come by too.
















Then we all were glad.

Because there was a police car coming with flashing lights too.

So we thought that was the race was here now.















We were looking and looking down the street.

Because now the team vans and cars were coming.

















And then … 


It’s them!!!

Here they come!

Very fast.



















They went!!


Very fast!



That was a lot of socialisation I did to see that.

And we didn’t even see Lance.

But I’m glad he didn’t fall off his bike by Trader Joe’s.














But then the next day we saw the Tour of California again.

Because they were riding from Davis to Napa.

Napa’s not in France.

And it’s not in Montana too.




But first they had to get to Davis.

And …  Uh-Oh …

I think someone forgot something!

I didn’t know a bike race could forget something.

Because they had to stop at Target to get it.

And we saw them there.







And then we got another big surprise.

When we were driving into Davis.

Because all the cyclists and their teams were driving there too!

And when we looked in our mirror.

There they were behind my Best Friend’s truck!
















And here is Lance’s team bus arriving in Davis.
















There was many people and cars and buses and bikes and dogs there.



























































































































































































There were some television cameras there.























Here’s another dog watching the race.

































Then it was nearly time to start the race.

































 The cyclists were warming up.











































And it was really raining!!!


Because the police car came with flashing lights.











And the ambulance too.













And then everyone ran to one place.

So we did too.

And we only just got there in time.




Because the race was starting right there.

And Pouf!

There they went!

In the rain.




























I think it’s good we didn’t go to France to see the Tour de France.

Because it’s too much waiting.

And then it’s gone!!



And Lance didn’t win too.




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3 Responses to “Sammy’s Gone to the Races.”

  1. Hello Sammy, It’s me Teagan here… sorry I’ve not been in a while. Wow.. all those bicycles!! Did you woof at them? I woof at them if I’m in the car but I don’t woof if I’m walking, I don’t even try to chase them. It’s a bit like horses, I woof at them if I’m in the car but I don’t woof if I’m out walking. I think I’m protecting mum from things when we’re in the car. Daddy rides a bicycle sometimes. I think it’s good that you watched bicycles in California and didn’t go to France. Woof woof xxx

    • Teagan!

      How nice to hear from you. No. I didn’t bark at the bikes or anything. That’s my socialisation. I think it is. Not barking or panicking or bolting or things like I used to do. I don’t know how I learned it exactly. But I like not being scared all the time.

      From Sammy

      PS We got a bath yesterday at a new dog wash place!

  2. Hi there Sammy,

    We are trying with the comments on here again, hopefully it should work this time. It wouldn’t let us write a comment at all before.

    Your day looked fun, even if it was a bit boring for you at times. At least you got to see lots of people and dogs whilst you waited for the cyclists. It was funny seeing all those cycles on the car roofs like that…hehe

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