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No More Squirrel Bones!






We moved.

Because we got a new house!














Here is how it looks.





















































 At my new house.

There’s no squirrel bones.

Like in Elmhurst.



But it’s got very very big old shade trees.

With lots of birds.


















And there’s no grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.

Like where I lived before.



But now we have our own grass in the back yard!

It’s soft and wet and tickly.

And we like  it a lot.














It’s good grass for rolling over in.

Because I only just learned how to do rolling over.

Except before I was rescued I was too afraid to roll over.




I still have to practice.

Because when I do rolling over.

Sometimes it works.

And sometimes it doesn’t work.

Only sometimes I get stuck in the middle.



But my Best Friend is very good at rolling over.













Before I was rescued I didn’t know I could have grass like this. 







































And  inside is something new too.

It’s called a nook.

I never had one of those before.











































Another surprise about our new house.

There’s lots of roundabouts.

Except it’s not even England.

Or Davis.



But children play in them.

And ladies do some exercises there sometimes.















And then there’s a very very special surprise.



Because we have our own Fire House!






























































And they even have their own Patrol Boat at the Fire House.

I didn’t know a Fire House could have a boat.

But it’s for going on the river.

Because the Sacramento River is near.

And there’s a port too.



Except I still didn’t know you could have a fire in a river!


















And now.

Here is the most exciting thing.



Me and my Best Friend have our very own fire hydrant.

It’s right in front of our house!


















And my Best Friend had an idea.

He thought we could let other dogs borrow our hydrant.

Then they could give us something to pay for that.

Like some red tennis balls maybe.



But my Kind Friend said it’s not allowed.

Because we would have to get a thing called a business license.

My Kind Friend said they won’t give us a business license.

Not to a Standard Poodle and a Bichon Poodle.

So then we can’t do it.



But it was still a very good idea!




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8 Responses to “No More Squirrel Bones!”

  1. Hi. I’m Emerald.
    Beautiful new house! Congratulations! Your fire hydrant must be the envy of the neighbourhood. Maybe it will help you make new friends really fast. I’d sniff it and see if you can smell how many dogs live near by.

    • Hi Emerald!

      Nice to meet you! I don’t think anyone really notices our fire hydrant. And I don’t know why. But you are right. Because we do have a lot of new friends. A Standard Poodle. 3 Boxers. And lots more. But not any Labs yet!

      From Sammy

  2. Hi Sammy,

    I just gave you an award, but you have to go to my blog for the details and then copy the award and follow the instructions. Your blog, like mine, might seem strange to humans, but then, that’s what this award is all about.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly:

      It’s so nice to hear from you. We have been so busy to keep up with all our friends. Thank you for the award. We will look at it soon. Then see what we have to do.

      Talk to you soon.

      Los of Love

      from Sammy

  3. Your new home is very cute – it sounds like you are all very happy. We miss your visits and your morning runs. Life pretty boring over here. Thanks for update – we look forward to sammy’s news alerts
    Best wishes from your friend Neville

    • Hi Neville!

      Thank you for coming to visit. Yes. I like my house very much. I would like you to come and play with me soon on my new grass.

      From Sammy

  4. Woof!! Welcome to your new home – I hope you will have lots of happy years there, it looks really cool.. with the grass and big trees and the nook.. and your own fire hydrant! I’ve never ever seen a fire hydrant!! It’s lovely and yellow, I like yellow. One of my “going out to parties” collars is yellow, with cupcakes on it.
    Keep on doing the rolling over and one day you’ll be as good at it as your Best Friend!! Rolling is good fun. Bye for now, your friend across the pond, Teagan xx

    • Hi Teagan!

      Thank you for coming to see my new house. I like it very much.

      Yesterday I did very fast running around my back garden. I love to run very very fast. Except, before I was rescued, people were always chasing me, if I was running. That made me frightened. But now I can just run and run and no-one chases me. Except my Best Friend. He chases me if I steal his tennis ball. But I like it when he chases me.

      Are you going to go on some nice hikes this week?

      From Sammy

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