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A Golden Doodle is to … Be My Friend!







Now I have a new friend.

Because she is a Golden Doodle.

That’s a Golden Retriever and a Poodle mixed up.

Like I am a Bichon and a Poodle mixed up.




















  I don’t know how many Poodle parts I have.

And how many  Bichon parts.

But my Golden Doodle friend knows about her parts.

And she is 3 parts Poodle and 1 part Golden Retriever.




You can see all her Poodle parts in these photographs.



































She’s just a little puppy.

And she likes to dig holes.

That’s like me!

[A Hole is to …?]




















But her hair isn’t curly like a Poodle.

So I think that’s a Golden Retriever part.

Except it might change.

And then it would be a Poodle part. 



But I think we can play together soon.

And I hope we can!




















Because she might get too big for me to play with.

But I still like her very much.

Even if she gets too big for playing.



















































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5 Responses to “A Golden Doodle is to … Be My Friend!”

  1. These goldendoodles with the golden coat are always interesting.

    The same thing happens in Portuguese water dogs. They are called “improper coats.”

    This coat is recessive to the poodle, so I wonder if maybe some poodles have that gene as well.

    If she were 3/4 golden and 1/4, you would see more puppies in the litter with golden coats.

    You can also see how very little variation on just a few genes creates vast differences in dogs. I’ve seen F2 goldendoodles that were 3/4 golden, that are indistinguishable from pure goldens.

  2. Hi Sam,
    I like your new friend!! Where is your “best friend” who taught you so much? I hope he is okay!!
    Have fun with your new friend (do any of your friends have names?)
    Thanks for all the great updates,
    Bonnie & Mac (the rescued Bichon)

    • Hi Bonnie and Mac!

      How nice to visit with you both!
      I am very glad you are feeling so much better, Bonnie!

      My Best Friend is at home. And I am very glad about that. Because when he is not there I get very afraid.

      You can read about him – and see lots of photos of him (he is very handsome) – in lots of my blogs.

      Yes, Bonnie. My friends do have names. That would be silly not to have a name. But I do not say their names because of privacy. I say my name because that’s my privacy. But I do not say other names. Because that’s their privacy.

      How is the weather at your house? It rained here today.
      And …It’s going to rain all weekend.

      But I think I forgot how rain is!

      Love from Sammy

  3. Dear Sammy – I am happy you have a new Golden Doodle friend. I had a friend once named Max who was a Golden Doodle. Well, he still is a Golden Doodle, but I don’t live near him anymore, and I miss him. Max was a puppy when I met him, and when I moved away, he was much taller than I! Do you know I am pretty tall? My human says I weigh 51 pounds (not sure what a pound is), and I’m told that’s a pretty good size. But good ol’ Max….. he towered over me as if I were still a pup in the litter! Don’t tell anyone, but it kind of startled me when I first saw him after not seeing him in a long time! Anyway, if your new friend is anything like Max, you have a wonderful new friend.
    Your friend, Sam the Border Collie

    • Hi Sam:

      Your friend Max the Golden Doodle sounds very nice. I think my Doodle friend won’t be as big as Max. Because some of her poodle pieces are not Standard Poodle pieces. They are Miniature Poodle pieces. And that’s smaller.

      But you are much bigger than me. Because I only weigh 13 lbs. So that’s why I don’t play games (except stealing his ball away) with my Best Friend. Because if he banged into me I would go base over apex. That’s what my Kind Friend said it is. I don’t know exactly what the base apex means. But I can tell that I don’t want to bang into my Best Friend when he is running fast or jumping. So I hope my Doodle friend stays smaller.

      I think I might go to play with her next weekend!

      Love from Sammy

      How is the weather in Houston. It rained here yesterday!!!

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