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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Sammy Cleans Up … at The Grateful Dog.




We had to take a bath.

Because we got very dirty.



But we don’t go to the groomer.

Because we get groomed at home.



One time I went to Splash Hound.

But I can’t go there again.

Only my Best Friend can go there.

Because he is not afraid of anything.



But I still get scared of a lot of things.

Like if someone uses a dryer.

And that makes me panic and bolt.

Like I did before when I went to Splash Hound.

[A Party Is … So When You Go You Have Fun.] 



So this time we went to another place.

It’s called The Grateful Dog.

And I can go there.



Because it’s very small for taking baths.

There’s only two baths.

And it’s very quiet.

Because we only go there when  it’s just us and nobody else.

So I feel safe.

And nobody makes me panic and bolt.



Here is how The Grateful Dog looks.






























The bath part of The Grateful Dog is closed on Monday.

Except the day care and boarding parts are open that day. 



There’s 2 hour parking on the street in front.

But don’t park there Tuesday morning!

Because if you do you’ll get a ticket.

I don’t know what is a ticket.

But you will  have to pay a lot of money for it.


















There’s a lot of nice things you can buy at The Grateful Dog. 

Robert said everything in the store is made in the USA.

And everything is friendly to the environment.



There’s toys.


















 And beds.


















And there’s  leashes and collars.


















And there are some very nice bowls.

Like these. 




























I hope we can get a bowl like this one day.
















There is even some dogs who stay in the office at The Grateful Dog every day.



Because their friend is Robert.

And Robert is the owner of The Grateful Dog.

So they come to work with him.





























It’s very nice at The Grateful Dog.

Because there are dogs on the wall.










































And even some portraits of dogs like this one hanging on the wall. 















But we came there to take a bath.




Except first I had to wait for my turn. 









































Because my Best Friend took his bath first.


















He doesn’t like to take a bath either.

But he’s not scared.

He just doesn’t like it.



Sometimes I wish I could not be so scared of things.

Like my Best Friend isn’t.

But I know I learned a lot of things not to be scared of.

Because it is very hard to learn.
























And then it was my turn.














I got very very wet.

But the water was nice and warm. 

And I liked getting clean.

Because where I was before I never got a bath or a haircut.














You can even tell that I have Apricot ears in these photos! 














And then here is me  all cleaned up.

Can you see how whiter I am?

But I didn’t get brushed yet. 































































I’m glad I got all clean.

Because I think I did a good job and didn’t get scared.

And I didn’t do panicking and bolting.








The Grateful Dog can provide names and contact information

for artists whose work appears at the business.






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11 Responses to “Sammy Cleans Up … at The Grateful Dog.”

  1. Hi there Sammy,

    I am glad you got the invite okay, thanks for the visit…yes it did rain a lot but it was still a fun holiday. 🙂

    That looks a nice place to go for a bath, you look quite happy in there, I am glad you have somewhere to go you are not scared at. Did you get some new toys after for being so good? 🙂

    • Hi Holly & Zac & Samantha:

      Thank you for coming to visit.
      It is a nice quiet place.
      But No.
      I didn’t get any new toys.
      Because I am still scared of toys.

      My Best Friend has a lot of toys I can play with if I want to.
      But I only like playing ball.
      And playing running too.
      I love to run and run and run my very best fast.

      But I do like treats now.
      Except I didn’t get any of those either.

      But that’s a very good idea.
      Maybe I can get some treats after my next bath.

      Love from Sammy

  2. Hey Sammy you look great – We want to know how we can find the Grateful Dog – my Mom saw things she likes. My mom screams a lot now – something about the Giants are in the world series – baxter and i do not know anything about GiAnts or World Series but it seems to excite her. We have to run and hide when screaming gets really loud. Your friend Neville

    • Hi Neville:

      Thank you for coming to visit.

      The Grateful Dog link is in my blog.
      I think it’s in the sidebar too.
      This is it:

      If you click on the link you should go to their own website.
      It’s very nice.
      And it tells all about them.

      We don’t know about Giants in a World Series too.

      Except did it rain at your house today?
      And did it get all dark before dinner time?
      It did those things at my house.
      And we don’t like it.

      From Sammy

  3. Hi Sammy – I sure did like that wonderful place and wish there was one where I live. My human bathes me in the back yard with the garden hose, and no hair dryer. It scares me. I hate baths – like your best friend. I get a treat afterwards, so it makes it all ok. Then my human says I’m a handsome boy. I’m not sure what that means, but I think it’s good, so I go celebrate it by rolling in the dirt.

    Sammy, I had to have a bump removed on my foot and there are threads in my paw now and my human won’t let me run around outside. She says my paw looks good, so I keep thinking I can go outside alone, but she says no.

    Your pictures are great. You look good in them.

    Your friend,
    Sam the Border Collie

    • Hi Sam:

      How did you get that bump taken away? Did you have to go to the vet? Like I did when I got the stuff on my teeth taken away? I hope you weren’t scared like I was.

      And how did they put those threads in your foot? I never heard of that. I didn’t get any threads in my teeth. I don’t think I did. But maybe threads are only for feet? Or just for Border Collies? Or just even only for Texas maybe?

      I hope you can play outside soon. I love to go outside and play running. Because before I got rescued I could never run. It is my very favorite thing to do ever. And I love rolling in the dirt too. Ever since I learned how to roll over. But then I get dirty all over again and have to take another bath! Because I am white and curly. And that makes dogs dirty.

      From Sammy

      PS Handsome means you look very nice. And I think your human person is right.

  4. Hey Sammy, I went to look at your friend Roberts website! Isn’t that just the best place? I don’t think we have anything like that over here but it looks like it would be fun to visit!
    Bye for now, I have to get my pumpkins ready for tonight! I’m expecting spooky canine callers!!

    • Hi Teagan:

      Yes. It is a nice place. But I don’t think I could go there for daycare. I would be too scared. But they are very careful how they take care of the dogs. And they don’t have any cages. Not for anybody. Not even if you do boarding and have to stay there. Did you ever do boarding?

      Love from Sammy

      Is it nearly Guy Fawkes day?

      • Hi Sammy, No I’ve never done boarding before but this year mum & dad are going on holiday and I’m going to stay with my friends. Their mummy & daddy have to go away for a nightto somewhere where they can’t take doggies, at least they can’t take 3 doggies, so we are all going to stay at a dog hotel for just one night. Mummy says I’ll be fine and at least I’ll have my friends with me. We will share a pen and bunk up together to sleep at night so it might be quite fun 🙂
        Yes Guy Fawkes day is on Friday. I don’t mind the big bangs and noises but mum & dad won’t take me to a bonfire. We’ll all go out in the garden and watch the fireworks in the distance.
        xx Teagan xx

  5. Oh wow, don’t you look just gorgeous after a bath!! See, it’s not that scary and can even be kind of nice because being clean gets rid of all the itchy stuff that gets stuck in your furs and between your toes!
    That looks like a great place and they sell such lovely stuff – we have shops here that sell the exact same stuff, isn’t that cool? It all looks great, I’m sure you’ll get a pretty bowl one day! I have a brown bowl that says DOG on it.
    Love to you and your friend from Teagan xxx

    • Hi Teagan:
      Yes. It does feel nice to be clean.
      Because my hair is all curly and tangly.
      So it gets very dirty and full of little things from the ground.

      I never saw a bowl that had “Dog” on it.
      But I hope maybe we can get a nice one like that for Hannukah or Christmas.
      Maybe we can.

      Love from Sammy

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