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Marisol Missing in Massachusetts!





Marisol is a rescue dog.

Like me.



She got attacked and frightened.

So she ran away.

And now she is lost.



Have you seen Marisol?

If you think you have.

Or you think you might.

Please read the article about Marisol at this link to 

It will help you know what you should do.

And what you shouldn’t do.

If you see Marisol.




 You can see photographs of Marisol.

Even a photograph from December 3.

And you can find out more about how to  help her at

Because they could make her run away more.


Because you shouldn’t chase her.

And there’s other things you shouldn’t do.

She was a street dog.

And she is afraid of  strangers.

So she will not come to you.

And she will go away if you call her name or make a lot of noise.

The best thing to do if you see her is to just sit down.

Then maybe she will come to you.


Marisol is about  20-25 lbs.

She is copper and cream colored

And she is a mixed breed.

She’s spayed.

 When she got lost she had a leather collar.

It has her ID, rabies, and  license tags on it.


If you think you have seen Marisol. 

You can also call or text: 617-383-9228.



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4 Responses to “Marisol Missing in Massachusetts!”

  1. Oh Sammy, I hope theyfind Marisol soon!


    • Hi Shady:

      I do too.
      But I am so scared for Marisol.
      Because when dogs get lost in these kind of places.
      I think it’s very difficult.
      Like my rescue friend Raven in California.
      I hope I never ever get lost.

      From Sammy

  2. Sad but fascinating story. I hope we hear a happy ending.

    • Hi Everyone:

      Yes. I hope so too.
      I think Marisol must be very cold.
      And maybe hungry too.
      I wish she wouldn’t be scared.
      And somebody could help her get home.

      From Sammy

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