Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

The Trouble With Terriers!






Here is my rescue Terrier Friend.





















































He wanted the cat food.

So he’s on the kitchen counter!



And that’s the Trouble with Terriers. 






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6 Responses to “The Trouble With Terriers!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    I like your little terrier friend. Speaking as a terrier myself, (and for most of my pack who are also terriers), I think I can say with authority that he’s a very handsome little fellow. What’s his name? I hope he got a bit of the cat food he was trying to get. After all, food is food, after all…hehe

    Have you seen the photos of me and some of our pack playing in the snow on my blog? We had great fun.



    • Tilly!!!

      I am so glad you came.
      I like him too.
      And he is very handsome.
      He has spiky hair just like some people do.
      And it’s even 2 colors.

      He did get cat food.
      Because when he got caught on the counter.
      He got told off.
      And then he picked up the cat’s dinner bowl and took it with him.

      Yes. We did see you playing in the snow.
      Did you see our comment?

      We aren’t sure.
      Because we are having trouble leaving commments at your blog.

      We wanted to go up the mountain and find some snow today.
      Because I never played in snow before.
      But we think it ‘s too high up to go.

      Come back again and visit soon Tilly!

      Love from Sammy

  2. I forgot to ask: Do you have a new roommate now?
    Sam the Border Collie

  3. Hi Sammy – I agree with you. Those terriers are a wily and feisty bunch! They can get away with pranks that bigger dogs (like me) can’t. They have that “cute” terrier face that makes some humans turn to butter. Case in fact: one time I was a guest with my human at a friend’s house and she was fixing shish-ke-bobs. Well, one was visible on the side of the counter and within my line of sight, and, well, the rest is history. My human scolded me for my delicious snack. Well, a terrier guest got away with murder, reaching up on the coffee table and sneaking chips!! Well, I know that life isn’t always fair, and I say more power to that terrier. He could have taught me a thing or two….. maybe I should have hidden the wooden skewer instead of taking it onto the good carpet and chewing on it. Well, Sammy, I hope you are doing well.
    Your friend,
    Sam the Border Collie

    • Hi Sam:

      Terriers are naughty.
      What you said is right.
      And spunky and chutzpah too.
      That’s what my Kind Friend says.
      And she still thinks I might have some Terrier parts in me too.

      Well. I might.
      Because I am a good jumper.
      Like my Terrier Rescue Friend.
      Except I never jumped on the counter.
      But my Best Friend doesn’t need to.
      Because he can reach the counter and take things.
      I wish I could do that!

      You’re right.
      You should have hidden that skewer!

      How is the weather in Houston?
      It is a big storm here.

      Bye for now


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