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Sad News About a Very Special Bichon Poodle.

 Wednesday January 5, 2010.

We are so sad at our house.

Because today we got very bad news.

Bad news about this special Bichon Poodle puppy.

Rolling Dog Ranch said they would rescue her.

She could come and live at their house.

They would pay for her to come all the way.

From California to New Hampshire.

And they had already called her Megan.

But Megan died last night.

On her first night out of the Sacramento CA SPCA shelter.


We are so sorry.

We are so sorry we could not help you.






Scheduled for Euthanasia.

 This evening.

 This puppy has been saved.



She is going to Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary.

At their new home in New Hampshire.



Thank You Everyone! 



Details to come. 


There is a very special Bichon Poodle Puppy at the Sacramento SPCA.

That’s not  the Sacramento County Shelter.

And it’s not  the Sacramento City Shelter.

Or any other shelter.

Except it is  the Sacramento SPCA.

And the Sacramento SPCA says this dog is a “MiniPoodle.”

But we think this little puppy is a Bichon Poodle.

Just like me.

So that’s even more special than a plain Poodle with no Bichon parts!

She is about 4 months old.

But the veterinarians at the Sacramento SPCA have examined her.

And they believe she is mostly blind and completely deaf.

Here are some photographs of her.

Isn’t she nice?

And since she’s a Bichon Poodle just like me.

I think she will be very brave.

Even her nose is the same color as mine!

 And she will have chutzpah.

And joie de vivre.

And be a right Bobby Dazzler.

Like my Kind Friend says I am.

Like all Bichons.

So if you  have a very special home.

Where this little puppy could come and live.

Or your friends do.

Or your family.

Then please contact the Sacramento SPCA.

Right away.

So she can come and live at your house.

Because the Sacramento SPCA wants someone to adopt her by January 4!

Except I don’t know why.

Because we only just found about her today.

If you wonder about caring for disabled animals.

Then you could read about that here.

About Rolling Dog Ranch.

And here.

At A Chance for Bliss.

We are not in charge of this.

So please contact the Sacramento SPCA right away about this puppy.

I think she would like to have a Best Friend like mine.

Another dog who can show her everything.

And how to do it.

And not be afraid.

And not be worried.

And help her too.

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5 Responses to “Sad News About a Very Special Bichon Poodle.”

  1. […] And we hope everybody can learn from what happened to Megan. […]

  2. I pray that Megan had a safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge, and now she can run, and see and hear!! This year, during Hanukkah, Mac and I will light a candle on our menorah for her (and all the beautiful animals at the Rolling Dog Ranch). Thank you Sammy, for sharing Megan’s story!! She was a very pretty little poodle (or poodle/bichon)!!
    Mac is feeling a bit better on his new medicine. He is wagging his tail again!! That makes me very happy!

    • Hi Bonnie and Mac:

      Thank you for coming to visit.
      And for your nice comments.

      We are so happy that Mac is feeling better.

      And we are very glad that you will light a candle for Megan next Hannukah.
      Because we will too!

      So that way there may be other people too.
      Who would like to light a Hannukah candle for Megan!
      Or that could be a Christmas candle too.
      Or any kind of candle.

      And for Rolling Dog Ranch too.
      Because of how they helped Megan.
      And so many other disabled animals too.

      Thank you again for coming to visit Bonnie and Mac!

      Keep feeling well Mac!

      From Sammy

  3. Sammy, I didn’t see her on the SPCA website?? I really wish that I could help her. She is so cute (just like you). I do believe that she is ADOPTABLE!!! If Mac were feeling better, he would love to be her special friend and show her how to be a proper, funny bichon/poodle!!
    I will be praying that she finds a wonderful home. Thank you so much for sharing her story!!
    Bonnie & Mac

    • Thank you Bonnie:

      My Kind Friend says the Sacramento SPCA does not show all their dogs on their website.
      They contacted rescue groups about this puppy.

      So anyone who would like to give her a home should contact them directly.
      They could do that by telephone.

      From Sammy

      I hope Mac has a good day today!

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