Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog





Snowy curls caress

Faltering body leaving

Tiny life undone.


(c) bk








This week.

We tried to save Megan.

Megan was a Poodle.

Or maybe a Bichon-Poodle Mix.

She was at the Sacramento CA SPCA.










 But we didn’t have any time.

Less than one day.

Because Megan was going to be euthanised.

Unless she was rescued by 6 pm.




They said that Megan was completely deaf.

And probably mostly blind.




We did everything we could in one day.

But nobody could help.

There was so little time.





At the last minute.

Someone very special offered to help Megan.




They said she could come and live with them.

And they would pay for her costs to get there.

Because they live in New Hampshire.

But they used to be in Montana.

Because that’s where my Best Friend comes from.




And now Megan could play in the snow!




And that was Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

That’s a special place for disabled animals.




And so.

On Tuesday January 4.

Instead of being euthanised.

Megan left the SPCA shelter.

And went to a foster home.





She was going to go to Rolling Dog Ranch.




Except the next day.

We were told.

Megan died during the night.

They said it was because of pneumonia.




 That is very sad.

Sad that we couldn’t do more things to help Megan.




But we are so glad of Rolling Dog Ranch.




Because last year. 

For Hannukah.

We lighted a candle for disabled animals.

Like Megan was.

Because the SPCA said she was deaf.

And probably blind too.




And we told about Rolling Dog Ranch.

And what they do.

For disabled animals.

You can read the original blog here






We wanted to say two things.





We wanted to say this.




Sorry Megan.

Sorry for everybody who wasn’t kind to you.

And didn’t care for you.

Sorry we couldn’t help you in time.

Sorry you couldn’t keep being alive.

And go and play in the snow.





We wanted to say this.




 Thank you everyone who tried to help.

When there was no time.




And especially.

Thank You Rolling Dog Ranch.

Thank You for helping Megan.

When no-one else could.




And so.

We want everyone to know about Rolling Dog Ranch.

How they help disabled animals.

Like Megan.




Goodbye Megan.







4 Responses to “Megan.”

  1. Oh my such a story! VERY sad, but we believe Megan died knowing she was loved and had people trying to help her. That is why we always have to try, so they always know someone loves them.

    Shady and Melissa

    • Thank you for coming by Shady!

      You are right.
      What happened to Megan is very sad.
      We are so glad she left the shelter.
      And she was warm and comforted when she died.
      But we wish she didn’t.

      From Sammy

  2. Sammy, that’s just so sad… I need to go get more tissues 😦
    She will be happy and free from pain now, and will be watching over you and your Best Friend.

    • Thank you Teagan:

      We’ve been very sad at our house.
      We tried so hard to save Megan.
      But it was too late.
      Except, at least we helped to make her last few hours be comfortable and loved.
      We wish there could be more though.

      From Sammy

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