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Snow Day B-Day! For Sammy Bichon Poodle’s B-Friend!





 Before I got rescued.

I didn’t know there was special days.

Like Halloween.

And Thanksgiving.


And Christmas.

New Year’s Day.

And all the other special days.




But then those special days came.

And they were so fun.




Except I never knew they could come again. 

But they can.

And they did.




Like my Best Friend’s Birthday.




I told a lot about my Best Friend at his birthday last year.

Because he is my very Best Friend in the world.





And I need my Best Friend.

To make me feel safe.

And show me how. 




 I am so glad we did something very special.

Just for my Best Friend’s Birthday.

Because he loves it so much.




Here is what we did.

 We went and played in the snow.




Except it was very special for me too.

Because I never saw snow before.

I didn’t even know snow could be something. 




My Best Friend was so happy.

He couldn’t wait.




He just ran and went rolling over in the snow.









 Then  he ran.

And ran.

And ran some more. 














Then he rolled in the snow.














When I got in the snow.

I didn’t know what to do.









So at first I watched my Best Friend.









Then the snow made me be all silly too.









I liked how it felt.









And then I went running too.

















It was cold and tickly.

And soft and tingly.

And it was funny to walk and run in.

I liked it!




My Best Friend likes to dig holes in the snow.

He is so silly.









I like to dig too.

But I don’t know how to play digging-in-the-snow.

So first I watched my Kind Friend.

And here is what he does.




It’s with his tennis ball. 









 He digs holes in the snow.

When he has the ball in his mouth.

Then he drops it in the snow.

Except he pretends he lost the tennis ball.





He he has to dig and dig and dig in the snow to find it!

Because he wants to find his ball.

He loves that game!















































But my Best Friend scared me.

Because before I went to the snow.

He said I would disappear in the snow.

And never be seen again.

Because snow and me are the same.

We are both white and curly.





He said.

My legs aren’t long enough.

Not long enough for snow.




But I think he got mixed up.

Because I didn’t disappear.




But you can see that his Poodle legs got shorter in the snow.









And my legs got a little bit shorter.









And I got lots of ice things on my legs.




But I didn’t disappear!

I am so glad of that.

And I am so glad of my Best Friend. 




My Best Friend is very special to me. 









And this was his special day.

I am so glad I could go with him.

And play in the snow and not never be seen again.















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2 Responses to “Snow Day B-Day! For Sammy Bichon Poodle’s B-Friend!”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Sammy Bichon Poodle’s Best Friend!!! Sorry it’s late but when I got the email about your blog post it wasn’t there and I only just found it again. I’m glad I did find it though. I’m so glad that you have seen snow at last, it’s so good isn’t it!! Every dog should see snow and be able to play in it and roll in it… and turn it yellow!! Did you make some yellow snow?
    You will always remember your BF’s birthday this year because you first saw snow!
    xxx Teagan xxx

    • Hi Teagan!

      You are right!
      I will always remember this Best Friend’s birthday.
      Because of the snow.
      I love it so much.
      I hope we can go again soon.

      Did you get any more snow yet?

      Love from Sammy

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