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Yard Work … !




I don’t know why.


We were putting black dirt all over the grass.

It’s called mulch.







Except I had a special ditch I dug in the grass.

But the mulch wasn’t quite right in there.








So I had to fix it!






































































It wasn’t easy.

Because yard work is hard work! 

But I think my Kind Friend is very glad I did it.  





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2 Responses to “Yard Work … !”

  1. I like yard work too… though over here we call it gardening! That looks like a garden to me and not a yard. A yard sounds like something with concrete. And your yard has grass that you can dig in! I dug lots of holes yesterday and mum even took a video of me digging. You can watch it later if you like.
    I think you should rest today after all that work!
    xx Teagan xx

    • Hi Teagan:

      Sometimes we call it yard work.
      And sometimes we call it gardening.
      I don’t know why.

      I like your video very much.
      You are very good at digging,
      I wish we could do digging together!
      That would be very fun.

      And your Mum is very good at making digging videos!

      Love from Sammy

      I forgot …
      How did you learn to pull out those plants like that?

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