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Saturday is … So You Can Have a Poodly Doodly Day!




On Saturday.

We went to play with our Doodle Friend.



She’s a Golden Doodle kind of Doodle.

Not a Labradoodle kind of Doodle.




















She is very pretty.



















And very nice too.

I like her very much.


















She tried to play chasing and wrestling with me.

Except I didn’t know how to play that with a big dog.

Because I don’t play those kind of games with my Best Friend.

Because he is too big too.




 But I think I can learn that.

How to play that way.

With big dogs.

Like I learned all my other things.

Nice big dogs like my Doodle friend.

Maybe I can.

If they are not too rough.

And banging into me all the time. 



But she didn’t mind.



  So we all played chasing the ball instead.

Because that’s all our favorite game.

And she plays it just like we do! 
















































It was very fun.

I really like our Poodly Doodly friend.

And so does my Best Friend like her too.




















And I hope we can play again soon.



I like that Poodle Doodly Saturday.





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3 Responses to “Saturday is … So You Can Have a Poodly Doodly Day!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    Aren’t those curly-haired Doodles fun? I have a Doodle friend too, and he’s one of my nicest of all friends….. except for Satie, a little Schnauzer, who is my best friend.

    Your paw pal,
    Sam the Border Collie

    • Hi Sam:

      Thank you for coming to visit me!

      Yes. I like my Doodle friend very much.
      And I wish I could play with her all the time.
      Satie sounds very nice too.
      What games do you play together?

      I have a Schnauzer friend.
      Except I haven’t met him yet.
      But I think I will soon.
      His name is Mister.

      Is there any snow in Houston?

      From Sammy

  2. Hi Sammy,
    Your new friend looks really nice, and I’m happy for you that you have a new playmate. Looks like you all had a great time together.
    I have some new friends too, as Harry has adopted two more rescues. If you have a look at my blog you’ll see Pepe and Sasha, the little puppy who was thrown onto the streets at just 6 weeks old. How cruel can some people be?
    Have a happy day,

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