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Poodle Mixes are to … Adopt! At the Yolo SPCA.





On Saturday.

Guess what?

We went to Petco.

And there was the Yolo County SPCA.




They had very very many dogs with them.

Little dogs.

Big dogs.

In between dogs.




 Brown dogs.

Black dogs.

White dogs.




 Some of the big dogs barked at me.

A lot.

And I remembered when I was in the shelter.

So it made me be scared.

Because there was lots of them.

And many people too.




But my Kind Friend said I did a good job.

Because I didn’t panic.

And I didn’t try to bolt.




They even had Apricot dogs.

Even Apricot dogs with curls!

Like me and my Best Friend.




And they were very nice.




Because there was 2 Poodle Mix dogs who need a new family.




And here they are.




There’s Suki.









And there’s Teddy.





































They are very nice.

Teddy even made friends with my Best Friend.




So if you would like a Poodle mix to come and live at your house.


If your friend or neighbor would.

Or your family.




Then please talk to the Yolo County SPCA about Suki and Teddy.

And all those dogs that need a new family.





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6 Responses to “Poodle Mixes are to … Adopt! At the Yolo SPCA.”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    My name is Clem. I’m a Border Collie, but I never lived in one of those places in your blog. My human says I’m lucky. I’m living with Sam the Border Collie and I’m 6 months old. Sam doesn’t say much about his life in the place called pound, so I guess it wasn’t a nice part of his life. I was born on a ranch, but I get scared easy, so my first human did not think I would grow up to be a good cow dog. That’s why I’m with this second human. She said she has other plans for me. She made me listen to Sammy’s post so I would understand I’m lucky. Sam the Border Collie didn’t say anything. I hope everyone living at that place finds a nice human to live with. I hope I get to hear more about your life. I’m happy to meet you Sammy.

    Your new friend,
    Clem the Border Collie

    • Hi Clem!

      Thank you for coming to visit me!
      I like your name.
      It’s very nice to meet you too!

      I’m glad you didn’t have to live in a puppy mill or the pound or the shelter.
      I was very scared in all those places.
      And maybe your Sam was too.

      My Kind Friend says it is ok to be scared.
      Because if you are scared it is because of a reason.
      So what made you (and me) be scared is a reason.
      Or even a lot of reasons all mixed up together.

      It’s hard work to get not scared and afraid.
      But not being afraid is … something I don’t even know how to say it.
      But I like that not afraid feeling very much.

      I’m so glad you could come to live with Sam and everybody at your house.
      Now I know everything is going to be all right for you.

      I am so glad you came to visit.
      And I hope you will let me know how you are doing, Clem.

      From Sammy.

  2. Suki and Teddy are so cute! Please, Sammy, keep up updated on their fate. Thank you for featuring them on your blog.

    • Thank you for coming to visit my website Nathalie!

      I think Suki and Teddy found their new families.
      Because they are not at the Yolo SPCA any more.

      Now Charlie and Cocoa and Wilson need a new family too!

      But they are very lucky.
      Because the Yolo SPCA takes very good care of them.

      From Sammy

  3. I hope these lovely little dogs find wonderful, loving homes like you and me have, Sammy. have a lovely week, little friend.

    Lots of love


    • Thank You Tilly:

      I think they will.
      The Yolo SPCA is good at finding homes.
      I hope you are having a nice week too.

      Is it still snow at your house?

      We got sunshine!

      Love from Sammy

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