Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Rescue Dogs are for … Everyone!



















 Rescue dogs are for everyone.

Because a rescue dog can be a lot of different dogs.




You don’t have to be a Bichon to be a rescue dog.

And you don’t have to  be a Poodle too.

Or even a mix.

Or a stray. 




A rescue dog can be any kind of dog.




Big dogs.

Small dogs.

Little teeny tiny dogs.




 Barky dogs.

Quiet dogs.




Bold dogs.

Frightened dogs.




Curly dogs.

Not curly dogs.




Standing up dogs.

Lying down dogs.
















Any dog can be a rescue dog.

Like me.

And like Cagney.




You even can be a muddy dog!

Because me and Cagney like muddy.




You only have to need a family of your own.







Because Cagney is an American Bulldog mix.

 I think he is.

Except he is brown and white.

And he’s not curly.




But Cagney is very very handsome.














Cagney wants to have a new family.













And Cagney is a lucky dog.

Because he is not at the shelter any more.

He is in a foster home.




He is learning lots of things.

Just like me!




And he has lots of good friends.




Some of Cagney’s friends are dogs.














And some of his friends are people.










You can even see a video of Cagney here.





If you would like Cagney to come and live at your house.

Or if some people in your family.

Or some people you know.

Would like to meet Cagney.

You can find out more about him at Petfinder here.









I forgot to say.

Cagney is in Northern California. 

That’s Sacramento.




Photography: Joni Moore. 





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