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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Max is to be … Adopted!

Max needs his new family to come for him soon.

Because Max is at the Placer SPCA shelter.

That’s in California.

Max is being very brave.

But it is hard for him to lose his family.

And to be at the shelter.

Like I was a the shelter before I got rescued.

[Only Max is bigger than me.]

Except on Tuesday Max went out.

He went out from the shelter.

And he went for a bath at Pet Food Express!

Max was a very good boy in the car.

And he did a good job at Pet Food Express taking his bath.

Even I can’t do that.

I can’t go to dogwash places.

Because I get too scared.

Then he walked well on a leash around the store.

[I think Max even walked better on a leash than I do!]

Max is very handsome.

He is probably a Doodle.

That’s a Poodle mixed with a Golden Retriever or a Lab.

So he is about as big as a Standard Poodle.

Or a medium Golden Retriever.

Or a medium Lab.

And Max is about 10 years old.

One of his knees might be a little bit wonky.

Because of arthritis.

Or some ligaments

But that’s all right.

My Kind Friend said.

Because a lot of people can have wonky knees.

And dogs too.

And the veterinarian said Max’s thyroid might be a little bit low.

Only I don’t know how high up a thyroid is supposed to be.

But Max’s new family can ask about all those things at the Placer SPCA.

Are you Max’s new family?

If you are.

Can you please come and get Max soon?

Because Max is sad.

And lonely.

And scared.

And he doesn’t know why somebody left him at the shelter.

When he is 10 years old.

Because he is very nice.

And good.

I hope Max can go home with his new family very very soon.

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2 Responses to “Max is to be … Adopted!”

  1. we hope max gets adopted very very soon. our friend may be interested-so we’ll keep spreading the word!

    • Thank you for reading about Max Heather Olson.
      And thank you for sharing his story.
      We hope he can go to his forever and ever home very soon.

      From Sammy Bourke

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