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A Best Friend can … Make Miracles!

My Kind Friend says I am a miracle.

And it is because of  my Best Friend.

So February 24 is a very special day .

Because that’s the day my Best Friend came to California.

And I am so glad he did that.

So he could be my Best Friend when I got rescued.

I told about him in Sammy’s Best Friend.

And now I want to tell about him again.

Because he is the Best Friend I ever could have.

He was just a little puppy then.

He was smaller than me!!

But he went on a plane all the way from Montana to California.

Even all by himself on the plane.

I don’t know how he did that.

Because I would be very scared.

Here are some photographs of my Best Friend when he was very little.

I can’t believe he was that little one time.

But now I know he really really was small.

Because that is the exact same leash and collar that I wear now!

I think I would like to play with him when he was little like this.

Here he is pretending to be a Mexican Primrose.

And in this photograph he was playing with water from the hose.

He loves to do that.

He does it every day in the summer.

Because it is very fun.

And it keeps him cool too.

But here he is all nice and clean and shiny again.

Isn’t he handsome?

My Kind Friend says I am a very brave Bichon Poodle.

And she says I am plucky.

Because I am still here after all the bad things that happened to me.

And I am even a nice dog now.

I can go a lot of places and don’t get frightened.

And a lot of people like me.

Like the people at Newsbeat in Davis.

But my Kind Friend also says it is because of my Best Friend.

He helped me learn so many things.

Because he makes me feel safe.

Like when I went to  Woodland Veterinary Hospital.

I had to get my teeth cleaned there.

My Best Friend came and stayed with me there.

I told about it here: Teeth are to … Clean!

But here are some more photographs of my Best Friend.

That ‘s on his special day before.

Because we went for one of our favorite walks.

At the UCDavis arboretum.

And here is my Best Friend.

He really liked that long wet grass.

 I think he might be hoping there is a rabbit in there.

But it’s not allowed to chase them.

And here is me.

Except I am harder to see in the long grass.

Because I am not so high-up as my Best Friend.

But I don’t mind.

Because I like the feeling of this juicy green grass all over me.

And I like jumping through it too.

And here is why my Best Friend is so special to me.

Because …

He is big.

He is Apricot.

[Except, not to eat of course!

It’s just called a color.]

He is kind.

He is gentle.

He has never hurt me.

He is not afraid of other dogs.

He showed me how to go through doors into places.

How to go downtown.

How to go up stairs.

And how to go in the stores.

How to go down stairs.

He showed me how to play ball.

He showed me how to play in the snow.

He showed me how to go to the beach.

Now I went there too.

And it’s got water that  runs away!

He shows me how to never be afraid of people.

He shows me how to never be afraid of things.

He is funny.

He never fights …

Except if a dog attacks him …

He likes to chase cats if they will run away.

If they don’t run away then he will play with them.

He knows how to go to a restaurant.

He is silly sometimes.

He runs fast.

Everybody likes him.

He is high up.

He knows how to go in an elevator.

He is very fun.

He knows how to go up and down stairs.

He is not afraid of horses and donkeys.

He always knows what to do.

He knows how to do everything.

He likes to chase squirrels when it is allowed.

But he knows how to do “Come” or “Down” if it is not allowed.

He knows what to do at the book store.

He knows how to run beside a bike.

He is not afraid of clippers.

He is not afraid of the hairdryer.

He is not afraid of the Veterinary Office.

He knows how to do obedience things.

He knows what to do at the yarn store.

He knows how to do agility things.

He is my most Best Friend.

And …

He is my hero.

I wish.

Every abused dog.

Every unadoptable dog.

And every fearful dog.

Could have a Best Friend.

Just like mine.



They would be all right.

Here is me and my Best Friend on his special day.

Some people said it looks like we are in snow.

But it’s really Spring flowers that blew off the tree.

Thank You Best Friend for being you.

Just the way you are.

And Thank You too.

For letting me be me when I got rescued.

Just the way I was.

And Thank You most of all.

For helping me be become my Sammy-Me.

My miracle-me.

Just the way I am today.

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4 Responses to “A Best Friend can … Make Miracles!”

  1. Happy Birthday Sammy’s best friend, and thank you for being such a good big fluff and helping Sammy get used to living a good life!!

    • Thank You for coming to read about my Best Friend Bonnie. My Kind Friend says everybody should have a Best Friend like mine! And I think that might be right. From Sammy.

  2. Sammy, my Clem says he would love to have a Best Friend like yours and he is happy for both of you. Clem says he loves the pics and he made me show them to him 3 times over. Clem says both of you are cool and he wishes he could meet you two.

    • Hello Bea and Clem: It’s very nice that you came to visit. We wish we could meet you too!! Then we coulde play chasing and wrestling. How is the weather at your house? I like snow or sunshine. But I hate rain. Because it makes my eyes be closed! Does Clem know how to keep his eyes open in the rain? Love from Sammy.

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