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Petit Pierre isn’t French.

And he isn’t even a French kind of dog.

[Like Bichons are.]

But he is very “beau.”

Isn’t he?

That’s French.

(I think it is.)

At the beginning of February.

Pierre was found.

He was badly injured.

Because I think some people hurt Pierre.

And he had a bad injury to his left back leg.

Some kind people found Pierre.

And brought him to the hospital.

I am so glad they did that.

But they didn’t have enough money.

Because Pierre would need a lot of hospital things.

And that costs a lot of money.

So Mercy Pet Hospital said we can help Pierre.

If you sign Pierre over to us.

We will care for him.

And make him better.

So they did!

Pierre’s back leg was injured and infected.

So it had to be amputated.

That’s how you say cut off.

So then you have to walk on 3 legs.

But Pierre doesn’t mind.

And right away he started eating and drinking.

And wagging his tail too.

Even only on 3 legs!

If you would like to learn more.

And see all the things disabled animals can do.

You could go here: to Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.


But then.

Poor Pierre.

He had to have even another surgery.

That’s called an operation.

And …

After that.

Then he had to have a blood transfusion too!

That’s because he needed some more red blood cells.

I don’t know why.

But I think the other ones got lost.

Or somebody took them maybe.


Pierre is very brave.

And he is coming back strong.

Mercy Pet Hospital says Pierre is a trooper.

[We say he is a right bobby dazzler too!]

And now that he is all better.

Pierre is ready to go!

Are you ready for Pierre at your house?

Because he would like to go and live with his new family.

As soon as he can.


Pierre said to tell them this about him.

He is about 3 months old.

He is sweet, loveable and plucky.

He is happy.

He is smart and clever.

Because he is learning how to do new things.

And he wants you come as soon as you can.


So if you are Pierre’s new family.

You can call the Mercy Pet Hospital to make sure he is there.

That’s in Citrus Heights California.



 Pierre goes home with some people from the hospital.

I am glad of that.



If you would like to.

You can make a donation to the hospital.

Even if Pierre doesn’t come to live with you.

Because that could help pay for all of Pierre’s care.

All of the amputation and transfusion.

And the new red cells and everything

For that you can call Mercy Pet Hospital at (916) 723-3456.

Or just go by and visit.



If you want to see Pierre.

Call first to make sure he is there that day.

And then Pierre will be there to welcome you.


Thank you kind people for rescuing Pierre.

And Thank You Mercy Pet Hospital for helping Pierre get well!




My Kind Friend says I am a miracle.

And it is because of  my Best Friend.

So February 24 is a very special day .

Because that’s the day my Best Friend came to California.

And I am so glad he did that.

So he could be my Best Friend when I got rescued.

I told about him in Sammy’s Best Friend.

And now I want to tell about him again.

Because he is the Best Friend I ever could have.

He was just a little puppy then.

He was smaller than me!!

But he went on a plane all the way from Montana to California.

Even all by himself on the plane.

I don’t know how he did that.

Because I would be very scared.

Here are some photographs of my Best Friend when he was very little.

I can’t believe he was that little one time.

But now I know he really really was small.

Because that is the exact same leash and collar that I wear now!

I think I would like to play with him when he was little like this.

Here he is pretending to be a Mexican Primrose.

And in this photograph he was playing with water from the hose.

He loves to do that.

He does it every day in the summer.

Because it is very fun.

And it keeps him cool too.

But here he is all nice and clean and shiny again.

Isn’t he handsome?

My Kind Friend says I am a very brave Bichon Poodle.

And she says I am plucky.

Because I am still here after all the bad things that happened to me.

And I am even a nice dog now.

I can go a lot of places and don’t get frightened.

And a lot of people like me.

Like the people at Newsbeat in Davis.

But my Kind Friend also says it is because of my Best Friend.

He helped me learn so many things.

Because he makes me feel safe.

Like when I went to  Woodland Veterinary Hospital.

I had to get my teeth cleaned there.

My Best Friend came and stayed with me there.

I told about it here: Teeth are to … Clean!

But here are some more photographs of my Best Friend.

That ‘s on his special day before.

Because we went for one of our favorite walks.

At the UCDavis arboretum.

And here is my Best Friend.

He really liked that long wet grass.

 I think he might be hoping there is a rabbit in there.

But it’s not allowed to chase them.

And here is me.

Except I am harder to see in the long grass.

Because I am not so high-up as my Best Friend.

But I don’t mind.

Because I like the feeling of this juicy green grass all over me.

And I like jumping through it too.

And here is why my Best Friend is so special to me.

Because …

He is big.

He is Apricot.

[Except, not to eat of course!

It’s just called a color.]

He is kind.

He is gentle.

He has never hurt me.

He is not afraid of other dogs.

He showed me how to go through doors into places.

How to go downtown.

How to go up stairs.

And how to go in the stores.

How to go down stairs.

He showed me how to play ball.

He showed me how to play in the snow.

He showed me how to go to the beach.

Now I went there too.

And it’s got water that  runs away!

He shows me how to never be afraid of people.

He shows me how to never be afraid of things.

He is funny.

He never fights …

Except if a dog attacks him …

He likes to chase cats if they will run away.

If they don’t run away then he will play with them.

He knows how to go to a restaurant.

He is silly sometimes.

He runs fast.

Everybody likes him.

He is high up.

He knows how to go in an elevator.

He is very fun.

He knows how to go up and down stairs.

He is not afraid of horses and donkeys.

He always knows what to do.

He knows how to do everything.

He likes to chase squirrels when it is allowed.

But he knows how to do “Come” or “Down” if it is not allowed.

He knows what to do at the book store.

He knows how to run beside a bike.

He is not afraid of clippers.

He is not afraid of the hairdryer.

He is not afraid of the Veterinary Office.

He knows how to do obedience things.

He knows what to do at the yarn store.

He knows how to do agility things.

He is my most Best Friend.

And …

He is my hero.

I wish.

Every abused dog.

Every unadoptable dog.

And every fearful dog.

Could have a Best Friend.

Just like mine.



They would be all right.

Here is me and my Best Friend on his special day.

Some people said it looks like we are in snow.

But it’s really Spring flowers that blew off the tree.

Thank You Best Friend for being you.

Just the way you are.

And Thank You too.

For letting me be me when I got rescued.

Just the way I was.

And Thank You most of all.

For helping me be become my Sammy-Me.

My miracle-me.

Just the way I am today.

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Max needs his new family to come for him soon.

Because Max is at the Placer SPCA shelter.

That’s in California.

Max is being very brave.

But it is hard for him to lose his family.

And to be at the shelter.

Like I was a the shelter before I got rescued.

[Only Max is bigger than me.]

Except on Tuesday Max went out.

He went out from the shelter.

And he went for a bath at Pet Food Express!

Max was a very good boy in the car.

And he did a good job at Pet Food Express taking his bath.

Even I can’t do that.

I can’t go to dogwash places.

Because I get too scared.

Then he walked well on a leash around the store.

[I think Max even walked better on a leash than I do!]

Max is very handsome.

He is probably a Doodle.

That’s a Poodle mixed with a Golden Retriever or a Lab.

So he is about as big as a Standard Poodle.

Or a medium Golden Retriever.

Or a medium Lab.

And Max is about 10 years old.

One of his knees might be a little bit wonky.

Because of arthritis.

Or some ligaments

But that’s all right.

My Kind Friend said.

Because a lot of people can have wonky knees.

And dogs too.

And the veterinarian said Max’s thyroid might be a little bit low.

Only I don’t know how high up a thyroid is supposed to be.

But Max’s new family can ask about all those things at the Placer SPCA.

Are you Max’s new family?

If you are.

Can you please come and get Max soon?

Because Max is sad.

And lonely.

And scared.

And he doesn’t know why somebody left him at the shelter.

When he is 10 years old.

Because he is very nice.

And good.

I hope Max can go home with his new family very very soon.

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